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I have a tex file created by someone else which redefines commands of the algorithmic package to translate them to the Portuguese language. For example:


Is used to replace the word while by enquanto, which is the translation of while to Portuguese.

However, I am getting errors when I invoke \renewcommand for the following lines:


Here's the error for the first line:

! LaTeX Error: \algorithmicand undefined.

Do I get this error because \algorithmicand, \algorithmicor, and \algorithmicto are not included the algorithmic package? Is it ok for me to use the \newcommand instead of \renewcommand in this case?

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You may look up the definition of a command \foo (including if it is defined at all) with


A test for \algorithmicand reveals that it is indeed defined by the algorithmic package. Redefining it also works.








You should provide a minimum example that produces the error described by you.

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Updating the algorithmic package helps. Earlier versions, such as that one of 2006/06/02, don't provide that command yet, as you can see following the link. The current version defines


and further similar commands right after \algorithmicreturn, which is already contained in the older version.

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