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After considerable thought and experimentation, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to use memoir's \changemarks facility to indicate, as a courtesy to a client, where my proposal had changed as a result of our discussions.

However, \changemarks and friends are suppressed unless the draft class option is used. But using draft gives me some horrible side-effects, like missing graphics and blobs at the edge of my occasional(!) overfull box, as well as being semantically untrue.

I thought, initially, about latexdiff (barfs on my files), changebars (appears not to support xelatex), and changes (conflicts with memoir), and discarded them for the reasons mentioned. Now I'm heavily invested in the native memoir solution, I'm not sure which way to jump.

Can anyone suggest a reasonable quick fix?

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A quick fix is redefining the internal macro \v@rid:


Here, the change marks are shown without draft. Also, the black overfull hbox marker is not, shown, it would be if you activate the draft option.

Originally, that macro contained


and I removed the \ifdraftdoc check by the redefinition above. This macro is used by \added, \deleted and \changed.

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Thanks, Stefan, that's done the trick. I might try to put together a patch for @daleif to allow an optional parm to changemarks to override the draft/final document option. – Brent.Longborough Nov 3 '11 at 17:38

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