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I like everything about the beamer theme Singapore except:

  1. The centering of the frame title
  2. The navigation symbols that remain at the bottom
  3. The sections in the header

The first two are easily solved by

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

I still can't find a solution for the third though. \setbeamertemplate{headline}{} gets rid of the sections in the header but dumps the nice shading. So my question: how do I get rid of those pesky sections (e.g., the "foo bar baz" below) in the header without dumping the shading?


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A quick way disabling the navigation header containing the sections while keeping the shading:



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Definitely worked. Mysterious. No idea how I could have poked around and come up with that on my own. Thank you! – lowndrul Nov 5 '11 at 22:01

I found the use of either \renewcommand{\insertnavigation}[1]{} or \def\insertnavigation#1{\relax} produced unsightly white space above the shading when used in a block so as to only affect certain slides such as the first one:



Unsightly white space above slide shading

I solved this by extracting the shading code from the Singapore theme, removing the vertical adjustment and inserting it in lieu of the headline template:


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