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Any one have experience with VTEX. There seems a VTeX/Free(I guess its a free version of the commercial one VTEX)

On their website, it's said VTEX come with EC/TC font set http://www.micropress-inc.com/fonts/ecfonts/ecmain.htm

Also, it come with the LA font set(cyrillic font set) http://www.micropress-inc.com/fonts/lafonts/lamain.htm

The VTEX/Free have the ec font set by searching the internet.

But I can't find the LA font set in the internet.

Any one have any thought?

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Hi Yuping, Welcome to TeX.SE! I removed the thanks from your question- it may seem strange, but the best way to thank people is to 'upvote' and accept appropriate answers :) – cmhughes Nov 6 '11 at 0:23

The LA font set is "Computer Modern Cyrillic". This document will use them


The font should be in the distribution coming with VTeX. But they are also in standard distribution (the Type1 version is in the CM-Super package).

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