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I was wondering how to get in my acronym list ":" (colon) after the short abbreviation, for example:

I want to get

UV: Ultra Violet

but I keep getting

UV Ultra Violet

without the colon.

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Please give us a minimal working example. There are several ways to achieve acronyms with LaTeX (if that's what you're using), and we can't know which you're using and what commands, packages etc. – qubyte Nov 6 '11 at 13:09

You could redefine \bflabel to achieve that:


Full Example:

\section*{List of Acronyms}
\acro{uv}[UV]{Ultra Violet}

acronym example

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google brought me here and further googling brought me to the more current solution:\bflabel was apparently deprecated some time ago, now, the documented form \aclabelfont can be used (as stated in the package documentation – TobiO Jul 23 at 14:33

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