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I'm trying to continue a list item after existing a sublist, like so:

  • Content
    1. sublist
    2. sublist
    Continuing CONTENT...
  • bla bla

For some reason when trying to write the Continuing CONTENT
I either had the option to continue the list (as in - creating another sublist item) or creating another list item (like bla bla)
Any ideas?

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This is perfectly possible. You just have to switch the paragraph type of the unwanted "3." enum item back to "Standard" to continue an item of an enclosing list:

screen shot

Here is the code that LyX 2.0 generates out of this:

\item Content

\item sublist
\item sublist

Continuing CONTENT

\item bla bla

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inside the created itemize you can go with the TAB key into a deeper one and with the SHIFT TAB key into a higher level. After "2. sublist" insert SHIFT TAB and then you are on the first level but with a new bullet. Then click on the default paragraph icon and you are in the normal paragraph mode. Now hit TAB again and you can write on the same level.

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If you want to continue without a bullet you have to use the TeX mode to insert the deeper level of itemize. @Herbert: That is not true (even though badly documented), see my answer. – Daniel Nov 8 '11 at 10:10
Then hit again SHIFT TAB and you are in the normal paragraph mode. Now hit TAB again and you can write on the same level. @Herbert: Have you tested this? At least with Mac LyX 2.0.1 it does not work (SHIFT TAB does not get you back in normal paragraph mode). – Daniel Nov 8 '11 at 10:38
you are right, SHIFT TAB works only if you want back from the level without a bullet to paragraph mode – Herbert Nov 8 '11 at 10:41

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