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I need to typeset a case report consisting mainly of text, with the occasional picture. This can be done in the article or amsart classes, of course, but I would like to include a varying graphic (a small gimmick) in the margins, much like in the LEGO Progress Report (the minifigures on pages 10, 16 and 17 for example).

My question, therefore, is how I could achieve this?

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You may use package graphicx to include external graphic files into your document. To place it absolute at the current page, you may use package textpos or eso-pic. If it should be placed as side note (aka margin note) you may either use \marginpar{\includegraphics[width=\marginwidth]{filename}}. If this results in problems with the vertical position you should habe a look at package marginfix. If you simply don't wont the margin note to float at the margin, try package marginnote and \marginnote{\includegraphics[wdith=\marginwidth]{filename}}.

Here a simply \marginpar example:

%%BoundingBox:100 100 172 172
100 100 moveto
72 72 rlineto
72 neg 0 rlineto
72 72 neg rlineto
100 100 moveto
/Times-Roman findfont
72 scalefont
(A) show


And now the

first page of the result of the example code

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