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I installed Kile and Texlive 2011.

I wrote a very simple test document:

\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Linux Libertine}
Русский: Числовые выражения

English: Number expressions

When I run $ xelatex myfile.tex from command line it is properly compiled to pdf file.

But when I try to build it from Kile, it throws an error File xltxtra.sty not found.

How should I configure Kile or Texlive installation, so things work properly? My OS is Ubuntu 11.10.

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Have you set any environment variables in Kile? (See Configure-Kile => LaTeX => General). – Marco Daniel Nov 8 '11 at 16:43
@MarcoDaniel I didn't set any env variables in Kile, but your comment helped me to solve the problem. The problem was I put updates to PATH, MANPATH and INFOPATH variables into the ~/.bashrc file, but they should be put into a separate script in /etc/profile.d/ directory, because .bashrc is only executed by interactive shells. – Maxim Nov 9 '11 at 8:12
See [TeX Live with Kile in Ubuntu][1] [1]: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/31858/… on 32 bits use: i386-linux – Regis da Silva Nov 10 '11 at 2:56
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The OP installed TeX Live without automatic creation of symbolic links. In this case he must set set the path of TeX Live.

The problem is solved in the thread: tlmgr is not accessible after installing TeX Live 2011 on a Ubuntu system

You can also set the path in Kile.
Settings ==> Configure - Kile ==> LaTeX ==> General

Here a screen shot: enter image description here

Of course the first method is recommended.

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