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I’m using the Boisik font/package, which is not available as Type 1 and so (unless I’ve missed something) is only able to produce bitmapped fonts in the pdf output. By default, the resolution of these is fairly low.

Using a latexdvipsps2pdf workflow, I can at least make sure the generated bitmaps are high resolution, by invoking dvips with an option like dvips -D 2400 (as suggested in the Boisik documentation).

Is there any way to do this while using pdflatex?

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The parameter to set is \pdfpkresolution that TeX Live (and MiKTeX, I believe) sets to 600 (dpi).

It can be set in the document by


There is also a token register \pdfpkmode that chooses the Metafont mode for creating the bitmaps, if non empty:


The supre mode is found in modes.mf and is for a 2400 dpi printer (but it may be not the right one for yours.

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