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I want to put different sizes of fonts (smaller) into different rows of my LaTeX table. I found that it is possible to have different font sizes for different columns of this post. Is there any simple way to put different fonts to LaTeX table rows ?

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You can use the package tabu which provides the command \rowfont:

Hello & World \\
Foo & Bar \\
Hello & World
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Creating your own \rowfont{<font>} switch is also possible.

Using the array package, you can insert elements in front of every column via the definition of a new column type. This insertion helps span the group associated with each tabular cell.

enter image description here

\usepackage{array}% http://ctan.org/pkg/array
\g@addto@macro{\endtabular}{\rowfont{}}% Clear row font
\newcommand{\rowfonttype}{}% Current row font
\newcommand{\rowfont}[1]{% Set current row font
  Hello & World \\
  Foo & Bar \\
  Hello & World

\rowfont{<font>} globally (re)defines \rowfonttype, and also inserts it into the current cell. Resetting the font is required in a subsequent row (via \rowfont{\normalsize} or otherwise).

End-of-tabular resetting is automated by appending \rowfont{} to \endtabular.

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