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I need to draw an arrow between 2 nodes but not from the center of the node. When I use a position modificator a new arrow end appears at the starting point.

This is a minimal example:

  \matrix [column sep=1cm,row sep=3cm]{
    \node [] (node1) {Node 1}; \\
    \node [] (node2) {Node 2}; \\

  \begin{scope}[every path/.style={draw, thick,-latex',shorten >= 2pt}]
    \path[bend right] (node1) edge (node2);
    \path[bend right] (node1.south) edge (node2);
    \path[bend right] (node1.south east) edge (node2);

And this is what I get:


Any advice, please?

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Set every edge/.style instead of the every path/.style:

\begin{scope}[every edge/.style={draw, thick,-latex',shorten >= 2pt}]

With this modification to your code I get the desired result:

enter image description here

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Thanks Stefan.. – Fernando Nadal Nov 11 '11 at 17:55

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