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I would like to label some cases with specific tags, and was hoping for something like

\begin{numcases}{A = }
\frac{r}{a} & r > a \tag{G} \\
\frac{a}{r} & r < a \tag{H}

utilizing the numcasesenvironment from the cases package, and \tag from amsmath. However, the two don't seem to be compatible:

! Package amsmath Error: \tag not allowed here.

Is there any alternatives that would do what I hope to accomplish?

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You can use the empheq package:


& \frac{r}{a} &&\qquad  r > a \tag{G} \\
& \frac{a}{r} &&\qquad  r < a \tag{H}

The syntax is a bit awkward, but the result seems good. You can define an environment for you personal use:


and the system before would become

& \frac{r}{a} &&\qquad  r > a \tag{G} \\
& \frac{a}{r} &&\qquad  r < a \tag{H}
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Fantastic! Thanks! – Tomas Lycken Nov 17 '11 at 21:26

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