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I have tried several top answers with no luck. Here is what I have in my preamble(compiling with xelatex and bibtex).


Here is a sample reference in Bibtex

author={Henry Blodget},
title={Demand Media's Q3 revenue and pageview growth looks fine. But the company continues to capitalize its content costs,...},
publisher={Business Insider},

Here is the output

Even pointing out which solution is right for me and closing this questions down would hugely helpful. Thank you

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The package url is set up so that, by default, URLs are not broken at hyphens. With the option hyphens they will:


If you want this only in selected parts of your document, you can define


in your preamble. Then loading \usepackage{url} will have break at hyphens inhibited, but from a \URLhyphenOn declaration onwards, the URL will be possibly broken at hyphens, until the group or environment in which the declaration is issued ends or a \URLhyphenOff declaration appears.

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