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I have an equation like this

n_i(t-1)= \sum_{j \in S} v_{ij}(t) \\
n_j(t)= \sum_{i \in S} v_{ij}(t) \\
\forall_{t\in T_0} \sum_{i \in S} n_i(t)=N

The third part of it looks bad because \forall symbol is much smaller than \sum symbol. How can I meke it bigger? I want the \forall symbol to have size of \sum symbol. I would prefer not to change equation code. I would prefer some changes in preamble.

Also, is it possible to have t\in T_0 part below the \forall symbol like when using \sum symbol?

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Very similar to egregs solution in How to create my own math operator with limits:

$\forall_{t\in T_0} \sum_{i \in S} n_i(t)=N$
    \forall_{t\in T_0} \sum_{i \in S} n_i(t)=N

auto-sizing forall symbol

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