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I have a few JPEG images inside a folder. I use the following code to embed images


    \caption{Example \cite{visbin}}


But LaTeX doesn't allow me to compile it. It says Undefined control sequence <argument> folder\test

Can somebody please help me?

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It seems you're using the science package, which provides the figurehere environment. It's advisable to always provide such information in your questions so that other users can help you easily without having to figure out what packages you're using first. (It didn't matter for this problem, but is generally really helpful.) – doncherry Nov 20 '11 at 19:37
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Don't use backslashes recklessly. The standard directory separator should work fine on all platforms:

%                                         ^^^^^

You can even omit the suffix .jpg to let the driver pick the best representation of the image (e.g. JPEG for PDF, and EPS for PS).

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An alternative would be to set the \graphicspath (provided by graphicx) that LaTeX should use via


Also see the UK TeX FAQ entry on Importing graphics from "somewhere else".

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