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I'd like to insert a URL into this document. Is there a "correct" way of doing that? If so, is there a way to turn it into a link inside the final pdf generated with pdfTeX or XeTeX?

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Seems like a duplicate – TH. Sep 29 '10 at 5:49
@TH: Close enough to a distinct question that I'm okay with it, even if the answer is similar. The other question is more about internal links; this question is more about typesetting URLs in general. – Will Robertson Sep 29 '10 at 6:00
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I thought this was a duplicate but I think I was thinking of email addresses. URLs are simple:


Colours can be changed by setting up hyperref as desired:

  colorlinks, linkcolor=red

If you're not using hyperref then load the url package:


but you won't get hyperlinks, of course.

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Wow, that was fast. I can't even accept the answer yet! – Billy ONeal Sep 29 '10 at 4:52
Luck of the draw :) – Will Robertson Sep 29 '10 at 4:59



so that when you press on the word Google you get connected to Google's site.

Here is what you should put in the preamble:


This should be placed as is at the bottom of the list of added packages.

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Why not \usepackage[colorlinks,citecolor=DeepPink4,linkcolor=DarkRed, urlcolor=DarkBlue]{hyperref}? And what is cleveref for here? – TH. Sep 29 '10 at 5:48
maybe also something like \usepackage[svgnames]{xcolor} (before \hypersetup) to access the named colours – Geoffrey Jones Sep 29 '10 at 10:05

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