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I'm trying to set the width for all my plots, that are defined in other files and imported into the main document, using a custom width, \sz. I'm trying to set this length because I want to change it for one or two columns. Like in this example, main.tex:








x tick label style={
/pgf/number format/1000 sep=},
legend style={at={(0.5,-0.15)},
anchor=north,legend columns=-1},
ybar interval=0.7,
cycle list name=color list
coordinates {(1930,50e6) (1940,33e6)
(1950,40e6) (1960,50e6) (1970,70e6)};
coordinates {(1930,38e6) (1940,42e6)
(1950,43e6) (1960,45e6) (1970,65e6)};
coordinates {(1930,15e6) (1940,12e6)
(1950,13e6) (1960,25e6) (1970,35e6)};
coordinates {(1930,15e6) (1940,12e6)
(1950,13e6) (1960,25e6) (1970,35e6)};


However, when I'm compiling it, the length of \sz is reset to zero. And I get the error: Error: Plot width '0.0pt' is too small. Is there any way of setting the length so that the figure in the other file is able to 'see' it?

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This happens because you use the minimal documentclass, which doesn't define \linewidth. If you use a proper class, like article, your setup works.

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Thanks, my bad. Actually, I was using a different class; but for the example I decided to use a minimal to reproduce the error. However, your answer give me the hint to why it wasn't working. :) – adn Nov 24 '11 at 13:00

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