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I am using the elsevier class to prepare a document. I would like to remove the abstract environment but I can not find the way to do that. I commented out \begin{abstract} .... \end{abstract} but I still get the two horizontal lines which enclose the abstract.

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The two rules are hardcoded in \MaketitleBox, so you have to patch it:

%    \hrule\vskip12pt
%    \ifvoid\absbox\else\unvbox\absbox\par\vskip10pt\fi
%    \ifvoid\keybox\else\unvbox\keybox\par\vskip10pt\fi
%    \hrule\vskip12pt

This code should go into your preamble. I assumed it's elsarticle.cls that you're talking about, as I don't know of a elsevier.cls.

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