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A school I'm applying to requires me to combine my research statement and my CV into a single document. However, my research statement is in the amsart document class while my CV is in the article document class and I'm having trouble getting it to look at all nice in a single class. Is there a way to change document class part of the way through a document? Alternately is there an easy way to get LaTeX to just concatenate the output of two different files?

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Have a look at this post for a detailed example of how to use pdfpages – cmhughes Nov 29 '11 at 4:04
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No, you cannot change the document class in the middle of a document. One option would be to use the pdfpages package to include your CV in your research statement.

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Another solution would be to create two separate documents, and use a program like pdftk to combine the two resulting pdfs.

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