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I need to add two logos on the first slide. The problem is that these logos have very different dimensions. So I have decided to align to the centre of the page.

The slide should look like this:

|                                |
|                                |
|         TITLE AND STUFF        |
|             AUTHORS            |
|                                |
|      | logo 1 ||  logo 2      ||
|      |        ||              ||
|      |        |                |
|      |        |                |
|                                |

How can I achieve this layout in beamer?

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Here's a beamer solution for \maketitle. It puts both logos into \titlegraphic, aligned at the middle. I used an asterisk for the date to verify the center adjustment.

\title{Presentation Title}

alt text

  • \llap and \rlap hide the real width of the images.

  • \raisebox{-\height}{...} shifts their baseline to the top for top alignment.

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Here's how I would do it. First go inside a center environment then place the left graphic in a zero width box "facing" left and the right graphic in a zero width box facing right. E.g.,


    \fbox{\rule{10em}{20em}}% = first graphic
  \qquad % space in the middle
    \fbox{\rule{20em}{10em}}% = second graphic


(Note this isn't specific to beamer but will work equally well there.)

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