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I would like to include smileys in my LaTeX document. Is there any package with lots of different smileys?

In mnsymbol and wasysym, I found some general symbols:

wasysym: \smiley{} \frownie{} \blacksmiley{}

MnSymbol: \(\smile{} \frown{}\)


But I do not like the output. Actually, I am looking for smileys which look like "default smiles" in Google Talk, MSN, ... ;) <- this one is my favourite. ;)

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For the sake of completeness (see also http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/59125/83):

Unicode defines lots of emoticons: There is ☺ and ☹ at U+263A and U+2639, and there are many more from U+1F601 onward. So, all you need is a font that includes these characters (like DejaVu Sans) and use it with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. E.g.,

% Compile with xelatex or lualatex and DejaVu Sans installed on your system.
\newfontfamily\DejaSans{DejaVu Sans}

Some emoticons from Unicode: 

{\DejaSans ☺😐☹😁😂😃😇😉😈😋😍😱} and even cats: {\DejaSans 😺}!


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bclogo offers these: smileys from bclogo (from the manual)

This, however, doesn't work with pdfTeX because the package uses pstricks.

Generally, I recommend you look for some smileys that you like on the web and then put them in your document via includegraphics{}.


marvosym also offers two smileys:

\Smiley{} \Frowny{}


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Unfortunately, marvosym collides with mathabx on what seems like dozens of symbols, otherwise this looks cute. – O. R. Mapper Jul 17 at 22:20

Package tikzsymbols provides some symbols as well. As usual with tikz, you can apply scale and color changes.


This is Max \Strichmaxerl and this is Jane \Strichmaxerl. The met
over a  \Coffeecup of nice and tasty coffee. Later they went for
a \Candle-light dinner. Their love for each other was burning
like \Fire and he asked Jane to \textmarried{} him. 

He was a bit \Sey[][green!60!white] on his wedding day  and had to \Chair
down. His best man told him to be \Cooley and that everything is
going to be just fine with the \Winkey of an eye.

All guests were waiting for the famous words of the \Innocey: You
may now kiss the bride. 

Everybody was very \dSmiley at the reception. Bride and groom were
very excited \Laughey[1.4] thinking about their honeymoon, which they
planned not only to be staying  in \Bed sleeping in ;-)
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A dingbats style font? How about James Stirling's smiley faces font:

  1. Sampler selection gratis for noncommercial use
  2. Standard rights commercial, full range for $5

alt text

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Good answer, but...yuk! Those are just ghastly! – dmckee Oct 4 '10 at 0:21

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