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The following MWE gives me a lot of badbox warnings Overfull \vbox (1.39674pt too high) has occurred while \output is active [] with always the same value of 1.39674pt.
It seems to be related to the headline with the chapter title, which is displayed on every page but the first page of a chapter.



  \Blindtext \Blindtext
  \section{Good results}
  \Blindtext \Blindtext
  \section{Mediocre results}
  \Blindtext \Blindtext
  \section{Bad results}
  \Blindtext \Blindtext

How can I fix this and what is the recommended way to increase linespacing in the KOMA-script documentclasses?

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You changed the line space and don't recalculate the type are.



To tell typearea (used by KOMA) that the linespace was changed.

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