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Is it possible to use the character set available in the "Webdings" OpenType font which is installed on my PC using XeLaTeX? Other non-symbol fonts seem to work fine, but I just get boxes for every character I try in this font, and other symbol fonts like Wingdings etc.

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Webdings is not Unicode encoded. With such fonts \char often fails. You can use \XeTeXglyph instead (the whiledo-loop generate a tabular which shows you which values to use):


\font\myfont = "Webdings"

{char:  \myfont \char50}

{xetexglyph: \myfont \XeTeXglyph50}


See XeTeX Reference Guide for \XeTeXglyph and \XeTeXcountglyphs.

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Great answer. Could you add a link pointing to where things like \XeTeXcountglyphs and \XeTeXglyph are documented? – Brent.Longborough Dec 7 '11 at 12:02
Thank you Joseph! – Dan Dec 7 '11 at 19:35

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