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Possible Duplicate:
Where to put the \label on a figure environment?

I'm having a problem with referencing figures in LaTeX. I have the following text:

\caption{ENN unbalanced 10\%}

The figure \ref{fig:enn1015} (...)

For some reason, the figure caption is:

Figure 3.5 Enn unbalanced 10%

But the text is:

The figure 3.2.1 (...)

Instead of:

The figure 3.5

It is printing the chapter.section.subsection the figure is in, and not the figure. Can anybody help me?

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Try putting your \label{} statement immediately after your \caption{} statement.

Edit: I'm not a total expert on how the \label command works, but I think it assigns a label to the last-seen "labelable" thing, so you want it right after your caption, which is "labelable" (my terminology). Currently, it is labeling whatever the last "labelable" thing was before your figure, probably a section heading or something (hence the 3.2.1).

2nd Edit: In other words, and maybe this is kind of counter-intuitive, you can't label figures; you must label captions.

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It works, thank u! – Dayvid Victor Dec 7 '11 at 14:58

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