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I am writing my dissertation in LaTeX. I need to include a chapter for References (entries cited in the document) as well as another chapter for the Bibliography (the rest of the entries in the .bib file which were not cited).

Ideally I would have just 1 .bib file. I came across something here:


But it didn't really work.

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You give a link to a whole web page, and then say "It didn't work". It would be best if you construct a minimal example based on the the "Multiple Bibliographies" section of the page you linked to and show us what you've tried. There are also a few good answers here already: Multiple bibligographies: (cited references + list of publications and How to split bibliography into "works cited" and "works not cited". – Alan Munn Dec 7 '11 at 16:49

The package multibib was written exactly for this purpose.

From the documentation:

enter image description here

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