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I would like to make the character ` active in one environment so that `some text` will be formatted using black background and white for the text.

This feature must be activated only inside the environment.

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You need to make ` active and read everything up to the next `. The colors can be set using \colorbox and \textcolor from the xcolor package.

You might also want to compensate for the added left/right space as shown below.



    \catcode96=\active% ASCII ` = 96



    text text text

    text `text` text



With the \hspaces you get:

Result with \hspace's

Without you get:

Result without \hspace's

You could also just take half the \fboxsep away to get an intermediate result.

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Thanks for this solution and the comments in the code. – projetmbc Dec 8 '11 at 13:22

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