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How can I put a table and a PNG (using \includegraphics) next to each other in the same figure, in the following way?

    +-----+  |png |
    |table|  |png |
    |table|  |png |
    +-----+  +----+
  Figure 4.1: Caption

So the table and the PNG are aligned at the bottom.

I tried to just put both in a table (2 columns), but the objects are not aligned at the bottom.

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You need to align the table with its baseline by passing it the optional [b] placement argument. After that you can just put them side-by-side. Here's an example:

    \hline a & b \\ c & d \\ \hline
  \rule{2cm}{3cm}% = graphic
  \caption{Double figure/table combo!}
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Use parbox or minipage.

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