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Using the commands of the discussion How to check if a column type is defined? and How to implement a command that checks for loaded packages?

I have build an enviroment to check if more than one column is defined




  \ifboolexpr{ bool{tpl@coltype@#1} }{#2}{#3}%

    % define \@tempa with trimmed index element.
    \edef\@tempa{\zap@space##1 \@empty}%
    % check if package of current index is loaded
  % Process csv list with command \do (etoolbox)
  % ??



\IfColumntypeDefined{L}{L is defined}{L is not defined}
\IfColumntypeDefined{C}{C is defined}{C is not defined}

{L and C columns are defined}
{L and C columns are not defined}


It however returns always false which I do not understand and do not know how to debug. So the output is

L is defined C is defined

L and C columns are not defined

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I don't see any point in defining \IfColumntypesDefined with a list of column types; however the problem is in the


line. With


you get the correct result. The reason is that \string#1 is used in \CheckIfColumntypeDefined (which is a good thing, because it protects against wrong input).

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