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I've a problem when making the index with a personal style file. Here is my file perso.ist

headings_flag 1

heading_prefix "{\\bfseries\\hfil "

heading_suffix "\\hfil}\\nopagebreak\n"

delim_0 "\\dotfill"

delim_1 "\\dotfill"

delim_2 "\\dotfill"

When I use makeindex toto.idx, I've no error; when I want to use my personal file with the command makeindex -s perso.ist toto.idx, texlive says he ignored 3 lines, and obviously, it is the 3 lines relating to the dots: delim_0 \\dotfill etc.

Do you know why?

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I copied the lines above to an .ist file and it worked as expected. Could you provide a minimal example showing the problem? (Note that i am working with MiKTeX, I just saw that you referred to TeXlive.) – domwass Oct 6 '10 at 11:26
Yes, this is precisely the problem : works with miktex, doesn't work with texlive, but I didn't found any information on the net :-( – nandayo Oct 6 '10 at 17:21
(sorry for removing and now reading the texlive tag. From the original question it was not clear that this problem was specific to TeX Live.) – Caramdir Oct 29 '10 at 14:40

Could it be that you are using a file with windows line endings? If I create a perso.ist with CR+LF line endings I get:

Scanning style file ./perso.ist......done (6 attributes redefined, 6 ignored).

but with just LF it works ok:

Scanning style file ./perso.ist......done (6 attributes redefined, 0 ignored).

If you are using texlive on windows, I think this qualifies as a bug in the included makeindex.

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