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It seems that \COMMENT in the algorithm package is broken. It gives an error when used in a FOR or FORALL line, so the first comment gives a compilation error:

  \caption{My algorithm}
   \FORALL{$p \in P$}   \COMMENT{loop over all puppies}
   \STATE PatPuppy($p$) \COMMENT{sooo nice!}

The error is:

Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item.
leading text:     \FORALL{$p \in P$}

Is there a workaround? I really need to display a comment on that line.

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You've found the answer, OK. Next time you should make sure that you post everything that we need to reproduce the problem, including the preamble (like \documentclass{article}...\usepackage{...}). – topskip Oct 6 '10 at 15:59
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The answer is given in the manual. Use an optional argument.

\FORALL[loop over all puppies]{$p \in P$}
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Found the solution. The comment has to be embedded in the \FORALL:

\FORALL{$p \in P$ \COMMENT{loop over all puppies} }
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