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How can I change the color of glossary links when using glossaries along with hyperref? I just want to change glossary link colors not all links.

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Do you use the option colorlinks=true. If yes the color can be set via linkcolor=blue. – Marco Daniel Dec 16 '11 at 22:21
Yes, but it changes color of all links like table of contents and references (/ref). I just want to change the color of glossary references(/gls). – Mohammad Dec 16 '11 at 22:24
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Normally the link color is set via the option linkcolor of the package hyperref. To influence only the link color of glossaries you must redefine the command \glstextformat. In the documentation you can find:

The way the link text is displayed depends on


For example, to make all link text appear in a sans-serif font, do:


In relation to this comment here an example:


\newglossaryentry{A}{name={A}, description={A is A}}
\newglossaryentry{AA}{name={AA}, description={AA is AA}}
\newglossaryentry{B}{name={B}, description={B is B}}
\newglossaryentry{C}{name={C}, description={C is C}}
\newglossaryentry{CC}{name={CC}, description={CC is CC}}

Here I cite either \gls{A}, \gls{AA}, \gls{B}, \gls{C} or \gls{CC}.
I want three groups in the glossary output, indicated by \textbf{A},
\textbf{B} and \textbf{C} with entries in them according to their initial letter.

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