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  • Do any font types store metadata about each letter?
  • Or does Unicode provide any linguistic information about each symbol?
  • Can this metadata be accessed in XeTeX?
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It might be helpful to explain in more detail what metadata you have in mind – Joseph Wright Dec 17 '11 at 7:10

The only things I know:

  • Use \fontdimen to get the dimensions of the font. See TeX by Topic 4.3 Font information.

  • Use \XeTeXglyphbounds to get the boundingbox of every glyph. See XeTeX Reference.

  • Use \the\XeTeXcharclass ... to get the predefined character class of a glyph. You can distinguish CJK characters (class 1), CJK punctuations (class 2 and 3) from normal characters (class 0). That's all XeTeX knows. For example,

    \the\XeTeXcharclass`a    % 0
    \the\XeTeXcharclass`文   % 1
    \the\XeTeXcharclass`《   % 2, should not be at the end of a line
    \the\XeTeXcharclass`。   % 3, should not be at the beginning of a line

I don't think there are linguistic information of each symbol.

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