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This is a very specific follow-up question to this answer given to this question.

I want to insert a picture, and use overpic to label it, in between two paragraphs of text in a thm environment (using the memoir class). I use the center environment for the picture, and a \newfixedcaption to label it. However, within the caption, the text is still italicized--as if it were part of the thm environment--when it really shouldn't be.

Here is my MWE:




\noindent Here is my first paragraph of text.

\put(20, 20){$A$}
\figcaption{This is mypicture.pdf, with the label $A$.
For some reason, this caption is italicized.}

\noindent Here is my second paragraph of text.
In order to understand this paragraph, you first need to see the picture.

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memoir provides the \captionnamefont and \captiontitlefont macros which format the respective parts of captions. By default, these macros are defined as empty, i.e., a caption's font will resemble that of the surrounding text -- which in your case (caption inside theorem) is italic. Solution: Add, e.g., the following to your preamble:


See section 10.6 of the memoir manual for details.

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