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Is it possible to create beamer themes that take options? I have three themes that are essentially the same yet each beamertheme<name>.sty overrides certain aspects of the inner, outer and color themes.

I want to be able to do something like




where some options of the theme change depending upon what you call. Is this possible? If so can someone point me to an example.

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Hi Robin, welcome to TeX.sx! I edited your post slightly to make bits of code stand out. Inline code uses back ticks and block code is simply indented. – qubyte Dec 18 '11 at 12:35

Thank you for the suggestion. I had looked once before and found nothing. More success this time though.

In my beamerthememytheme.sty I have to add the following lines at the beginning:


In the same file I can then add the lines:

Things to do if true
Things to do if false

Then when I use the sty file I do

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The Beamer manual explains that some themes have options. You can look how these options are used inside the theme declaration file.

Just as an example, the rounded innertheme has an option shadow.

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