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How to remove headrule in chapter page without remove of footrule, eg, rule only in foot page in all pages, but without on chapter page, but headrule in others pages.


\makeoddfoot{rgstyle}{R\'egis $\smiley$ \the\year}{}{\thepage}
\makeevenfoot{rgstyle}{\thepage}{}{R\'egis $\smiley$ \the\year}
% add line
% fix plain
\copypagestyle{plain}{rgstyle} % overwrite plain with rgstyle
\makeoddhead{plain}{}{}{} % remove right header
\makeevenhead{plain}{}{}{} % remove left header


\chapter{Memoir without headrule in chapter page}



enter image description here

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memoir, just like book, typesets the first page of \chapter using the plain page style. You must therefore reset the plain page style header rule after copying rgstyle into plain:

\copypagestyle{plain}{rgstyle} % overwrite plain with rgstyle
\makeheadrule{plain}{0pt}{0pt} % remove plain header rule

enter image description here

The second parameter to \makeheadrule{plain}{<len>}{0pt} could just as well have been anything less than \textwidth.

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That is not entirely true. \chapter use the chapter pagestyle, which is an alias for plain. I suggest making two pagestyles. One to use for regular pages, and one (without the headrule) which the chapter style can be aliased to. Only edit the plain style if you really know what you are doing. – daleif Dec 19 '11 at 12:56

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