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I'm using the lineno package to print line numbers (each page starts with number one) in the draft of my document:

\usepackage[switch*, pagewise]{lineno}

Is there a way to read out the number of lines in the whole document (or even per chapter) from one of the aux files?

I do only want to count the "real" text lines, not the headers and footers, so a sum of all the linenumbers would be quite useful. (Even if also floats are counted as one line each.)

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The last annotation in the .aux file made by lineno is of the form


where 251 is the global number of counted lines and 5 is the last page number. Of course this will depend on the document.

If you say

\AtEndDocument{\typeout{Total number of lines: \thelinenumber}}

in your preamble, you'll see a message such as

Total number of lines: 251

in the log file (and on the terminal window).

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