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I have noticed that in the document I am working on the line in the header is changing position page to page. Basically there are two slightly (but notably) different vertical spaces between the line and the page number.

I managed to find out that the line's position is different using \doublespacing and \singlespacing.

Here is MWE: (need to be run twice - with \doublespacing and \singlespacing to see the difference of the line position)





\doublespacing         %different position when using \singlespacing



Have you any idea how I can fix the position of the line while I am using different spacing in the document and the line has different position depending on what is in the code -- single or double spacing.

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You have to reinstate single spacing in the header:

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Perfect!!! Thank you, egreg! – Karo Dec 20 '11 at 11:09

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