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It appears that when using the acronym package, a link including the page number is only created in the list of acronyms when using \acf, but not with \acs nor \acl. This is a problem in the following case where I'd like to introduce an acronym like this:

\acs{TMS}, which was originally introduced as abbreviation for \acl{TMS}, can be used to ...

Is there a way to make \acs or \acl produce a link to this line in the list of acronyms?

Minimal Example


\usepackage[printonlyused, withpage]{acronym}



\acs{TMS}, which was originally introduced as abbreviation for \acl{TMS}, can be used to ...

The \acf{AWL} works.

\section{Somewhere else...}

  \acro{TMS}{This Means Nothing} % has no page number in list of acronyms :(
  \acro{AWL}{Acronym With Link}

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I don't know if this has bad effects, but it seems that


does what you want, as it will mark the place as if it were the first occurrence of the acronym. Use with care.

The trick consist in writing the correct label in the .aux file; the package, in order to ensure uniqueness, adds the prefix acro: to the short name of the acronym (or, better, to the argument to its macros). In order to mark the acronym as "used", \acsu can be used instead of \acs.

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Simple and effective solution. Should be used with \acsu (instead of \acs), because then the acronym is marked and used and the label is not set a second time. – fuenfundachtzig Dec 22 '11 at 12:42

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