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I have defined a custom environment (using the tocloft package, thanx to Juan) that looks like:

\newcommand{\listscriptname}{List of Scripts}
  { \vspace{3mm}\hspace{3mm}
    \textbf{Script~\thescript #1:code/#2.groovy}}

which I use like:


And refer to it with:


But instead of the script environment number, I get the number of the section.

What am I doing wrong (I did try several variations...)?

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Move \refstepcounter out of the \colorbox:

    \textbf{Script~\thescript foo#1bar:code/#2.groovy}}
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Of course... yes, makes sense... in retrospect at least... :) Thanx! – Egon Willighagen Oct 9 '10 at 15:37

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