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Is it possible to have while loops in TikZ, or some equivalent loop which only terminates after a certain condition?

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It's possible to use pgffor package outside of TikZ. The loops are not a real part of TikZ also you can use what you want to make loop, while loop etc. – Alain Matthes Dec 28 '11 at 13:13
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You can combine the loop \foreach with the provided command \breakforeach. The following example is copied from the manual.

\foreach \x in {1,...,4}
 \foreach \y in {1,...,4}
    \fill[red!50] (\x,\y) ellipse (3pt and 6pt);
    \ifnum \x<\y
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Update \whiledo is defined in the package ifthen and not calc

TikZ is based on TeX also you can build a while loop with TeX but it's also possible to use different packages like ifthen. With ifthen you can use the macro \whiledo and macros from TikZ.

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You are right, this a mistake. I would like to say ifthen. Sorry – Alain Matthes Dec 28 '11 at 15:15

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