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In a previous question I asked about customizing my table of contents. For now, I have decided to fill the table of contents simply like this for each article:

\addtocontents{toc}{\hspace{1cm} \Title \dotfill \pageref{firstpage}–\pageref{lastpage}\\}

But I still have no clue how to indent the line(s) containing the title (if the title extends over more than one line, all lines should be indented by the same amount):

=== Author's Name ===

    === Title: 1st Line ===
    === Title: 2nd Line ===

Is there a simple solution?

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Instead of adding "(2)" to denote a follow-up question, I have made the question title more specific (and changed some tags). I hope you don't mind. – lockstep Jan 4 '12 at 13:15
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Here is an example inspired of a few internal memoir macros, should work with any class:

\newcommand\Title{This is a very long and complicated title that spans
several lines going on and on}
\newcommand\formatauthor[1]{\noindent \textit{#1}\par}
  \textit{Title:}~{#1}\dotfill\hbox to 4em{\hfil #2}\par%


\AuthorInToc{An Author}

The idea is to remember that each entry in the TOC is actually a paragraph by it self, so treat it like that.

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