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I switched from PowerPoint to Beamer. I developed my presentation in Beamer and would like to create a slide show that will play my file automatically. Is there a way to set a time between slide as we can do in a PowerPoint slideshow?

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You can set this in at least some PDF viewers. For example in Adobe Reader X, there is a checkbox in Edit --> Preferences --> Fullscreen for moving forward one page every n seconds. – Torbjørn T. Jan 7 '12 at 14:28
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You can use the \transduration command for this (page 144 of the manual):

\transduration<⟨overlay specification⟩>{⟨number of seconds⟩} In full screen mode, show the slide for ⟨number of seconds⟩. If zero is specified, the slide is shown as short as possible. This can be used to create interesting pseudo-animations. Example: \transduration<2>{1}




This is my first frame

This is my second frame

This is my third frame

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(+1) @Thorsten: Great. Much appreciated. Thanks – MYaseen208 Jan 7 '12 at 14:39
Does it work with evince or only with acroread ? – Tarass Jul 5 '14 at 9:40

May be you can try the Impress!ve PDF viewer, which gives numerous functionalities dedicated to presentations (and of course, fine timing of slides).

Note: this is not a "pure" beamer solution since to have the full usage of impressive power you will have to define a script associated with your PDF file. Well, in other words, you can also consider that this is a PDF-origin independent solution.

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