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As comment on Can the extended register pool be used for \newinsert?, there is a reference to Dealing with tons of floats. It is interesting but uses \unexpanded:


How can this be replaced by something like \expandafter, \noexpand, \toks@, which does not require the eTeX extension? (With eTeX probably \etex@unexpanded from the etexcmds package would be better than \unexpanded.)

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Without the e-TeX extensions, you need to use a toks to have control of expansion inside an \edef. Usually, this is done using \toks@, and so to avoid any issues with other code a group is normally employed


(You may be able to use \xdef here, but without a careful check I am not sure of the scope of \@freelist.)

You could also achieve the same directly using just \expandafter:


which works by first expanding \ExtraFloatCommand, then expanding \@freelist, both inside the new definition of \@freelist.

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Both approaches are in my opinion much less readable than with e-TeX! – Joseph Wright Jan 10 '12 at 17:50
Yes, if one has e-TeX, it surely is to be preferred! +1 for the answer. While accepting after a short time might not be good style in general, I think your answer just provides THE "translation" (both ways of it, indeed!), therefore I just accept it now. Thank you! – Stephen Jan 10 '12 at 19:05

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