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I am certain this is patently obvious, but the solution is eluding me...

Given a dataset stored in CSV:

ID,    col1,  col2, col3
KEY-1, foo    bar,  baz
KEY-2, alice, bob,  chuck

I would like to define a macro \getCol3{KEY-2} that returns chuck. I am getting tripped up by what appears to be internal key structures (and the fact that I just started using datatool).


is what I assumed was in the right direction, but I cannot construct valid values for \therow and \thevalue.

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You need to use \DTLgetvalueforkey

ID,    col1,  col2, col3
KEY-1, foo,   bar,  baz
KEY-2, alice, bob,  chuck

Here, we are using ID as the reference key to find the appropriate row, which is found using the argument #2.

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of course, i was missing \newcommand*{\thevalue}{} ... i knew is was something simple. thanks! – equalspeterd Jan 12 '12 at 22:42

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