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I use the following GnuPlot commands:

set terminal latex size 12cm, 7cm

set output "4Kalibratie.tex"

set nokey

set xlabel "kanaal $k$"

set ylabel "$E$ (MeV)"

plot [0:2000] [0:10] 0.00261937*x+4.14561558, "4Kalibratie.txt" using 2:1

However where the function is a linear fit, first LaTeX complained about \Diamond so I \usepackage{amssymb}, now it can render the PDF, but the diamonds arent centered on the datapoints: the left corner is positioned exactly there... Either I gave it the wrong package, or I am doing things wrong again!

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Specifying point type 2 by

plot [0:2000] [0:10] 0.00261937*x+4.14561558, "4Kalibratie.txt" using 2:1 pt 2

solved my problem (crosshairs are centered correctly and give more precision).

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