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Is there a way to have a word listed in the glossary in its acronym AND long form?

LED light-emitting diode

light-emitting diode A semiconductor light source.

I tried with two entries, but it doesn't seem right.. and is problematic with respect to the number list.

\newglossaryentry{light-emitting diode}
  name={light-emitting diode},
  description={A semiconductor light source}

\newacronym{led}{LED}{\gls{light-emitting diode}}
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You seem to want a combination of glossary and acronym list. How about typesetting your entry this way?



  first={light-emitting diode (LED)},
  description={Light-emitting diode -- a semiconductor light source},

\textheight=80pt% just for the example


Some text about \gls{LED}.

Some more text about \gls{LED}.



enter image description here

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There are two issues with this solution: how do I refer to the long form without resetting the first use flag? For acronyms there's \acrlong (useful if a word hasn't been used for a while or for emphasis). And also, I'd like a separate entry because someone looking for "Light-emitting diode" in the alphabetically ordered list will find nothing. For a long glossary of very specialized terminology this can be annoying (especially in printed form). – estolua Jan 16 '12 at 23:15

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