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I have some trouble using the titletoc package to edit a simple ToC composed only of several sections. I would just like to turn their font from bold (which is the default font) to roman, but I am definitely making some mistake with the \titlecontents command. Here is an example:


% \titlecontents ???

\section[Reference A]{\fullcite{bibtexkey A}}
\section[Reference B]{\fullcite{bibtexkey B}}
\section[Reference C]{\fullcite{bibtexkey C}}
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You can specify the font in the \titlecontents command:


\titlecontents{section} % set formatting for \section -
                        % \subsection must be formatted separately 
[2.3em]                 % adjust left margin
{\rmfamily}             % font formatting
{\contentslabel{2.3em}} % section label and offset






which gives you:

enter image description here

titlesec and titletoc are nice but getting the arguments right is a bit challenging, a key-value interface would be easier.

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Thank you Micheal. If you could add the details Werner mentions, that would be great. – looreenzoo Jan 17 '12 at 18:42
oops - fixed according to Werner's suggestion. Notice the multiple instances of the 2.3em length parameter. These interact with one another; just change them around a bit and observe what happens, it's easier to observe in action than to explain. (It seems I deleted Werner's comment - that was unintentional. Sorry.) – Michael Palmer Jan 17 '12 at 18:48

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