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Doxygen uses its own doxygen.sty style file, but I'd like to keep the style of my document where I want to put the Doxygen's output. So I'd prefer to somehow to turn of its settings. For example, using let command I can keep old defenitions of commands that are being redefined by renewcommand. But what about unloading package (i.e. sectsty) or somehow disable its commands like allsectionsfont?

EDIT: I am trying to avoid any modification of doxygen.sty because it is autogenerated, so will be overwritten next time I change my sources and therefore will need to update the docs generated by Doxygen.

EDIT 2: The -w option of doxygen does what it exactly stated to: writes header, footer, and style to the files specified on the command line. What all these names correspon to is... well, consider the following structure of the final document (i.e. refman.tex) the Doxygen tool produces:

  1. header;
  2. body;
  3. footer;
  4. Plus, styles that are usepackaged in the header.

What I struggle for is the body part of the document as header / footer I could provide myself, after all. I want to keep the textual structure of the document, i.e. chapters and inputted files generated for each of the source files, class, struct, etc.

Also, there still remains the problem of redefenition of several commands (such as paragraph, subparagraph) inside the Doxygen's style file. I want to disable them to keep the style of my main document consistent.

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Is there any reason for not making a backup and modifying the contents of that .sty file? I never used Doxygen but shouldn't be a problem. – percusse Jan 19 '12 at 10:00
@percusse See the EDIT section of my question. – Dmitry Volosnykh Jan 19 '12 at 10:07
I found this option in the documentation for a particular preamble. It seems that it writes its own preamble if you don't provide any. Also this looks relevant for selecting the style file. – percusse Jan 19 '12 at 10:16
@percusse Thanks for you responses. See the EDIT 2 section, please. – Dmitry Volosnykh Jan 19 '12 at 10:58

If it's doxygen.sty that loads sectsty, for instance, it's sufficient to write in the document preamble


before \usepackage{doxygen}. In this way LaTeX will think that sectsty has already been loaded when it finds the corresponding request when processing doxygen.sty. When \allsectionsfont{\sffamily}, say, is found in doxygen.sty LaTeX will have available only the definition above and so the command will have no effect.

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If doxygen then uses any secsty commands, then these will be undefined… – Seamus Jan 19 '12 at 12:12
@Seamus It's quite difficult to tell more about the problem without some example. But one can augment the code in my answer to make the relevant commands into no-ops. – egreg Jan 19 '12 at 12:15

This attends to Seamus' comment, hopefully.

% \@namedef{ver@sectsty.sty}{} 
% Do the same for all the commands you wish to disable, but you have to know 
% the arguments the commands expect.
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