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Friends, I'm stuck with a unusual situation: I'm trying to highlight specific words of a TeX code inside a verbatim environment. I know listings can help me by defining a set of keywords, but in this case I want to highlight specific words in a specific line, e.g.,

My code

My first attempt was using one of the examples in the fancyvrb documentation:




\textit{% This is a comment}
First verbatim line.
\fbox{Second} verbatim line.
\textcolor{red}{Third} verbatim line.


It works quite well. The problem is, when I try to escape \:

\textit{% This is a comment}
This line has \textcolor{blue}{\\textbf}\{this command\} highlighted.

it appears to insert a tabulation instead:

My attempt 1

My second attempt was indeed using listings:






This line has |\keyword{textbf}|{this command} highlighted.

But not \textbf{this one}.

My attempt 2

Yay! Unfortunatelly, I could not make this idea work for math, since when inside \keyword, the math stuff is still active (I guess). :(

I'd like to be able to highlight other characters too, like $ and { }. I was thinking of at most 4 colors available, say, red, blue, grey and green:

My code 1

I'm open to suggestions. Does anybody have an idea? :)

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I would use a replacement by literate:



        texcl,%set comments in an extra line

Good morning <B>{sunshine}, the Earth says <E>{hello}! % it's from a song
See <$>a^2=b^2+c^2<$$> and tell me if you understand it. 
I don't want colors here, \emph{they are bad}. %true story
I can even understand $\pi$. % I prefer pie

enter image description here

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Fantastic, Marco! Thanks a lot! (I'm out of votes now, but I'll upvote it ASAP). :) – Paulo Cereda Jan 20 '12 at 13:04
its not like verbatim know.. because this not working when I used tabular environment inside the lstlisting environment. – David Mar 10 at 16:55

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