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Shrink figure only when necessary?

Consider that you have this:


This will now take its original width, but if you want it to take up 100% of the text width you do it like this:


How about if you want to include images and use their original size if they fit, otherwise have it resized?

In this example, the second image should get [width=\textwidth] because it is going to exceed the bounds of the document.

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The adjustbox package provides a max width=\textwidth key option for this. So, you can use

\usepackage[export]{adjustbox}% http://ctan.org/pkg/adjustbox
\includegraphics[max width=\textwidth]{some_image_in_pdf.pdf}
\includegraphics[max width=\textwidth]{some_image_in_pdf_that_is_too_wide.pdf}
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works also for images which are wrongly set to a width greater than the text width:

\parindent=0pt % for demo


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